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World's Finest Chocolates - Continental Collection

The World's Finest® Chocolate Continental Collection is a brochure type sale using a pre-order form. The collection consists of ten favorite premium boxed chocolates plus four new items; chocolate covered pretzels plus fruit & nut mixes!  Items in the Continental Collection are priced at only $7.00 and $6.00 each while still earning  50% profit!

Looking for reasons to Sell The Continental Collection?

  • Your group makes 50% PROFIT
  • No Money Upfront! - plus Free pre-sale brochures
  • Quality! - World's Finest boxed Chocolates 
  • Value! - All items sell just $6 and $7 and the attractive boxes make for great gifts 

Click this link to view all items on the full brochure 

Or simply Click Here to get started and order your forms today!

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