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ATTENTION Valued Friends and Customers

Due to rising costs of beef Jack Links Manufacturing has had to increase pricing on their products.  You will notice that most fund raising product now sells for $2.00.  

Thank you in advance for your understanding with these necessary changes, we very much appreciate your continued business!   

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*New Pricing!* Sell these bold meat sticks from Jack Links for just $1.00 each earning 30% profit

(similar to Slim Jims, but better!)



100% Beef Snack Sticks from Jack Link's!  Earn 60% profit! selling these popular All beef snack sticks for just $2.00 each!


Mix it up, Literally!  The top three fund raising Jack Links sellers in one convient carrying case!  Everything sells for $2.00 each earning you 50% profit!


These classic combos are a smooth snack for all!  Jack Link's Meat & Cheese Snack Packs each include a 100% beef stick paired with a creamy flavored cheese stick!  $2.00 sellers, 40% profit!