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Earn 40% profit with Jack Link's Original Beef Steaks. Made from tender, 100% beef, seasoned and smoked over mesquite.


Earn 45% profit with Jack Link's Peppered Beef Steaks. Made from tender, 100% beef seasoned and smoked over mesquite and given a peppery kick!


Earn 45% profit with Jack Link's Beef Steak meat snacks!  Try the ever so popular savory Teriyaki flavored beef steaks!


*New Pricing!* Sell these bold meat sticks from Jack Links for just $1.00 each earning 30% profit

(similar to Slim Jims, but better!)



100% Beef Snack Sticks from Jack Link's!  Earn 60% profit! selling these popular All beef snack sticks for just $2.00 each!


Mix it up, Literally!  The top three fund raising Jack Links sellers in one convient carrying case!  Everything sells for $2.00 each earning you 50% profit!


These classic combos are a smooth snack for all!  Jack Link's Meat & Cheese Snack Packs each include a 100% beef stick paired with a creamy flavored cheese stick!  $2.00 sellers, 40% profit!