Was: $204.00
Now: $84.00


Q. How do I get additional information or place an order?
A. For additional information, please select the contact us link in the top menu bar. To place your order you can choose our online shopping cart or call us toll free at (888) 649-8013. Candy fund raising has been our specialty since 1971. We can help you place the best possible order based on your group and its needs.

Q. What fund raising products to you offer?
A. We carry $1.00 candies from  Van Wyk Confections (peanut free); 50¢ Lollipop from CIMA and Van Wyk and $1 chocolate Pops; $1.00 Jack Link's snack sticks.

Q. How much profit do I make on the items I sell?
A. The minimum you can earn with our fundraising products is 40%. Each product type has a tier system to allow your group to increase its profit percentage up to 60% by increasing your order size. We do have items (lollipops, beef jerky, Warheads) that start at 50% profit.

Q. Do you have a minimum order?
A. No. We will ship any size order to you, weather permitting. Because we ship most of our smaller orders by UPS Ground, we are not able to send out certain heat sensitive candies during the summer months. If you have any questions about an item, please call us.

Q. Can I mix different items within the same order?
A. Yes. We encourage you to sell a variety of items.

Q. How do I pay for my order?
A. 30 day terms are extended to public schools and governmental organizations with purchase orders or administrative approval. We also accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, PayPal, money orders, and group checks.

Q. When is payment due?
A. Unless we can give your group 30 day terms, payment is due with the order. Please call our office to discuss the possibility of terms being extended to your group. Our toll free number is (888) 649-8013.

Q. Once I place my order how long will it be before I receive my product?
A. Shipping times will vary, but your order will be processed the day it is received and candy is almost always delivered within 2-8 business days.

Q. How will the candy be shipped and are there any heat considerations during the summer months?
A. Candy will be shipped either by UPS or a trucker. Because we ship most of our smaller orders by UPS, we are not able to send out small quantities of heat sensitive candies during the summer months.

Q. Where will the candy be shipped from?
A. We ship most product from our main warehouse in Orlando, and from over two dozen distribution centers located throughout the United States.

Q. Do you work with individuals and small groups?
A. Yes we do! We have many products suited for smaller groups or individuals such as Warhead candies, Lollipops, and Beef Jerky. All offer 50% profit on 1+ case orders and free shipping!

Q. Do you have any peanut free candies?
A. Yes! All of the Van Wyk Confections are manufactured in a PEANUT-FREE facility.