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These sour gummy treats are loaded with mouth watering flavors, they’re made with real fruit juices and are fat free.


*Limited Time Special Pricing!* 50% profit on just 1 case, Oder now!

Each pretzel rod is dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in delicious candy toppings for a perfect sweet n' savory snack that is UNDER 100 calories!


Was: $132.00
Now: $120.00

Earn up to 50% Profit with our 'One Dollar Bar' fund-raiser.  America's variety is a mix of all 5 delicious chocolate bars in one convient carrier, including dark chocolate!

Price Varies

Welch's Fruit Snacks are made with real fruit and real fruit juices.  100% (DV) Vitamin C in one package. *SB12 Compliant*