World's Finest Chocolates, Sour Gummy Candies, Pretzels, and more!  Convenient fund raising carriers already packed with the best variety of chocolates and candies!

These Sweet n' Salty healthier snack choices are a deliciously perfect alternative to candy sales! 

Kids love em!  These sour and fruity snack choices are sure to be a huge hit!

Sell less and make more with these larger fund raising goodies!

This unique delicious approach to fund raising is a piece of cake! Earn 40% profit with five different delectably flavorful cakes, all the same size, all the same price!

Gourmet assorted round lollipops, sour lollipops, special occasion seasonal pops, and more! 

Starting at just $.50 sellers with 50% profit - plus FREE Shipping!

These quality balanced snacks make for an easy healthy choice fund raiser!  Jack Links meat snacks are high in protein, low carb, and low calorie!  Most items sell for $2 making these quality fund raisers very profitable.

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